Bringing two Swiss cats to the UK with us, the original plan was also to have a few chickens scratching around and maybe the odd duck 
or two. This rapidly escalated to breeding Orpington chickens, Cayuga and Silver Appleyard ducks and West of England geese; now numbering over a hundred birds. In addition, we have welcomed cats, rescue dogs, rabbits, hamsters, bearded dragons and bees, not all of whom are still with us, but many of whom still welcome vineyard visitors.

“Our animals enjoy watching out for arriving vineyard visitors…”

We also do our best to promote the diversity of wildlife, by managing the vineyard and land with a constant thought for the environment. Our unmown grassy areas, quest to avoid insecticides (even on the red mite!) and our diversity areas mean we see a wide variety of flora and fauna making themselves at home on our land. With plans for wildlife ponds, we hope this will escalate further soon.

“We manage the vineyard and land with a constant thought for the environment.”

“From Brabourne’s grapes, we are able to create wines that are wonderfully clean and pure… a natural expression of English wine.”

Salvatore Leone, winemaker

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