We are Paul and Hester Fenwick, and we met over a factory production line more than 
25 years ago. Having moved around Europe for nearly ten years, we returned to the UK in 2012 with our three children, all born abroad, with a yearning to put down roots.
Falling in love with the beautiful location,
our house and land, and the village of East Brabourne (not forgetting the local pub), we dedicated ourselves to finding a way of making the most of it all. We had initially been looking for enough land for a few fruit trees and chickens, so the acreage that came with the house was at first a little overwhelming. But opportunities soon presented themselves… 
an excess of chickens (and ducks and geese) was quickly followed by our realisation that the South West facing chalk slope we occupy was perfect terroir for a vineyard.

“The joy of a small vineyard is that much of the work can be done by hand, 
by the family.”

First, Paul took himself off to the well-respected Plumpton College, to gain vital viticulture knowledge. Next, soil samples were taken and specialist consultants advised us on rootstocks and planting plans. Within just a few months of our decision, the vines were planted and our adventure had begun.

Now, Paul lives a life of contrast – during the week working in London, with his weekends spent nurturing our vines. Meanwhile, Hester 
is dedicated to life in the country and within 
the local community.

The joy of a small vineyard is that much of the work can be done by hand, by the family. The (now) teens are often dragged out to spread compost or help bunch count.

At harvest time, the family appreciates the close nature of the local community – with so many keen to help and support, there is even a waiting list for those wanting to pick. It may take a village to raise a child, but it also takes a community to pick eight tonnes of grapes in a few hours!

RIP Shadow, 
Chief VINEYARD Greeter

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